VIRKONS and Virkon :

Virkon S: A very effective powder disinfectant that has been shown to kill all classes of viruses, bacteria, yeast, moulds and fungi.It has a Ministry of Agriculture licence as a control against Paramyxovirus infection.     


 At this stage mention must be made of the use of Jik,Virkon,Virukill etc. These products disinfect the water and prevent the spread of the virus in the drinking water. They do not cure the disease in the pigeon. If this were the case we would drink Jik to cure our colds and flu! 


For treatment of your pigeons use one teaspoon ( 5
milligrams) on ten litres ( two gallons) of drinking
water for three days.

Afterwards put your birds on a Flora treatment for
three days, and the drug peddlers will be crying,
because by then, most of your other medication you can
throw away. I know that many of you are aware and have
used Virkon S, but not many are using it to it's full
advantage. Best to give one day every 2 wekks after that
This is the only product that states on the
packet that it is effective against the 18 diseases
known to our pigeons. I hope by reading this letter
some of us will get smart, would we rather win with a
squeaky clean pigeon 100% healthy, or with a pigeon
full of substances that keeps it's temperature sky
high. I think we all know the answer to that one, and
the Virkon S way is a lot cheaper.
I only used it once to twice a week myself, although others have used it more
intensely. I did not observe any negative affects on the adults or young apart
from the fact that they don't like the taste of it and shake their heads after
drinking it.



Hi Dale and group,

I buy my Virkon at the CRPU. : Canadian Racing Pigeon Union. Also: From a fancier; “I know for sure the UFA stores and Co-op Feeds sells Virkon S.”


For much more information about the product, please visit the following Web Site:

From another fancier: “I get my Virkon at our  TSC store but I gather it is pretty widely available. 

It sounds like a miracle drug when used in the water -  more useful than Baytril and a lot less expensive.

Apparently it lacks the side effects as well.”


Lot of tricks also in this mclaughlin lofts Web Site.

Of course, it is better to vaccinate for PMV when your birds are in full health. As an example, if the pigeon have another disease like circovirus, the vaccine is not at all appropriate and will not protect the birds.. Dr. Pascal Lanneau recommends that we vaccinate our young birds at the age of 3 weeks and they will then have fewer problems with adenovirus in their life.

Hope this answer your questions.

Raymond Julien, Qc. Ca.


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