ZELL OXIGEN : A natural yeast preparation made with living yeast cells, enzymes, co-enzymes, combined to facilitate the pigeons? biochemical processes such as the efficient processing of oxygen, hormone synthesis, and optimum food digestion. Formulated with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and spore elements kept in their natural biological form. (Herbots ? Belgium)

ZEOLITE Zeolite in the pigeons loft

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A natural mineral, created from the contact between hot volcanic lava and seawater. Zeolite has an extraordinary value due to the numerous properties imprinted mainly by the absorption capacity of the microparticles, which means the power to clean the environment in which it is used. Its formula contains four important ingredients for health: calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Depending on the granulation, in the pigeon loft it can be used as a supplement, administered to be actually consumed, or leveled to form a thin blanket on the loft floor, under the wooden / plastic grills or even in the pigeon boxes.

It benefits both our pigeons and us fanciers, by changing in a positive way the parameters of the environment in which it is used.

• Reduction or elimination of unpleasant odors (absorbs ammonium, the main source of unpleasant odors)

• Substantially increase the resistance to egg breakage

• Preventing and combating gastrointestinal problems

• Detoxification of the body (food supplement)

• Bacterial absorption (including E Coli)

Zeolite ore retains its qualities in various forms of processing, from crude rock to very fine particles, thus finding an extremely wide use in many industries.


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